One of the key goals of SNAC is to foster interdisciplinary research projects in the field of network science. SNAC faculty affiliates have published numerous social network articles across disciplines. Some featured articles are listed below. Faculty Affiliates also have access to a secure webpage that includes SNAC Faculty Working Projects.

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Clare Barrington
Messias, D.K., Barrington, C. & Lacy, E. (2012). Dynamics of social networks among Latinos during Hurricane Katrina. Disasters, 35(4), 101-121.
Barrington, C., Wejnert, C., & Paz Bailey, G. (2012). Social networks and HIV risk among men who have sex with men in El Salvador. AIDS and Behavior, 16(1), 214-24
Skyler Cranmer
Desmarais, B. A., & Cranmer, S. J. (2013). Forecasting the locational dynamics of transnational terrorism: A network analytic approach.” Security Informatics, 2(8)
Cranmer, S. J., Desmarais, B. A., & Kirkland, J. H. (2012). Towards a network theory of alliance formation.” International Interactions, 38(3), 295-324.
Susan Ennet
Ennett, S.T., Faris, R., Hipp, J., Foshee, V.A., Bauman, K.E., Hussong, A., & Cai, L. (2008). Peer smoking, other peer attributes, and adolescent cigarette smoking: A social network analysis. Prevention Science, 9, 88-98.
Lakon, C.M., Ennett, S.T., & Norton, E.C. (2006). Mechanisms through which drug, sex partner, and friendship network characteristics relate to risky needle use among high risk youth and young adults. Social Science and Medicine, 63, 2489-2499.
Peter Mucha
Onnela, J.P. , Fenn, D. J., Reid, S., Porter, M. A., Mucha, P. J., Fricker, M. D., & Jones, N. S. . (2012). Taxonomies of networks from community structure. Physical Review E, 86.
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