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The Seminar in Network Analysis at Carolina (SNAC) is a monthly gathering among an interdisciplinary group of researchers across Carolina. It aims to nucleate a collaborative community connecting application themes of network science, building capability, expertly applying network analysis methods with tight collaboration between domains such as neuroscience, healthcare, ecosystems, education, economics, and transportation. The goals of SNAC are to:

  • Bring together researchers across disciplines interested in the broad applicability of network analysis
  • Foster collaborative research initiatives
  • Support and promote current network science projects at UNC and amongst the broader network analysis community
  • Promote best practices and innovations in the field of network analysis
  • Assist students and faculty in understanding the methods and application of network analysis

This seminar is kindly supported by the Carolina Seminars.


SNAC was formerly known as the Social Network Analysis at Carolina,  a research program founded by Dr. Tom Carsey and Dr. Peter J. Mucha. The program has since expanded to all kind of fields, and now SNAC affiliates span a wide range of disciplines including Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research, Psychology, Neuroscience, Education, Information Science, City & Regional Planning, and Computer Science. If you are interested in joining the seminar or have any questions in network analysis in general, please feel free to contact Bill Shi ( or Peter J. Mucha (